Real-Time Module

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Summary of Features

VisualFSM-RT module is an extension available for all versions of VisualFSM that adds feature to enable real-time exchange and collaboration in building and analyzing VisualFSM models for a variety of purposes. It is a subscription service.

When a subscription has been purchased, access to the VisualFSM Real Server is authorized for the period of the subscription. Subscriptions are monthly and recurring payment is possible.

VisualFSM-RT Functions
VisualFSM-RT Server manages connections between users then receives and sends message beween them.

The messages are encoded and optionally encrypted ; no messages are stored on the server, it is simply a broker.

Real-time Synchronization
Users can synchronize projects on each machine then build and update them in real-time.

Real-time Collaboration
VisualFSM-RT allows real-time collaboration between users subscribed to the service over the Internet.

Real-time Chat
VisualFSM-RT allows user to send and receive instant messages.

If you want more information about the VisualFSM RT-Feature please download the Overview Guide here

VisualFSM-RT Overview


VisualFSM represents a software application or system and the size analysis as a series of formal models. VisualFSM-RT permits the exchange of any or all of these models in real-time and so synchronizes the models of each user.

Models are exchanged directly between users automatically

The Models that can be exchanged are:

Supporting Models: Architecture Templates and fsmPatterns©.

Generic Models: Software Model. Architecture Model. FUR Model, Function Model, Data Model. User Model and Context Model.

Analysis Models: Analysis Requirements Model. and Analysis Scope Model

Method Models (where applicable): Measurement Model, Function Model/Transaction Model, Data Model and User Model.


Once synchronized users can collaborate to build and modify models, define analyses purpose and scope, and perform measurement in any of the supported methods. The models are automatically synchronized in real-time.

This is performed through automatic exchanges of commands and messages via the VisualFSM-RT server.


If direct oral communication is not possible or needed the Chat function allows users to exchange instant messages.

Long messages are exchanged using the RT-Controller Chat panel:

Short messages are visible at all times in the Explorer RT-Mini panel