Solution Farm

Download Manager

If you download the Community Edition or upgrade to the Personal Edition (PE), you will be able to download certains simple Case Studies, Examples and Patterns directly into Vfsm, installed and ready to run.

Owners of the Professional Version (PRO) will have access to the more complicated Case Studies some of which are free, others may be subject to a small download fee.

All versions include a Solution Download Manager. If you are connected to the Internet the Download Manager will retrieve the current catalogue of solutions and you will be able to download them directly into Vfsm. You may have to pay a small fee for some of the more complicated solutions.

Owners of the PRO Version may submit solutions for publication. These will be reviewed by Pentad-SE and if acceptable will be made available to the COSMIC Community for download. The solutions will of course be attributed to the submitter.

Solution Farm

As a service to the Measurement Community Pentad-SE has established the Vfsm Solution Farm. There you will find solutions to Case Studies from all 4 methods together with more formalized treatments of the examples found in the various publications such as the Measurement Manual, Business Applications Guide and the SOA Guide.

The solution comes in two parts:

  • The Problem. The Functional User Requirements to be solved
  • The Solution which is a fully documented analysis of the problem, sometimes accompanied by an instructional video.

The solution is provided as an XML Document.

The developers have addressed the first of these requirements by providing a free version of VisualFSM called Vfsm-CE, the Community Edition. Details of its features and comparison with other versions can be found on the Vfsm page on this site. The software can read and parse the XML Document to extract the solution.

To address the interchange requirement, the developers of VisualFSM, Pentad-SE, have produced a specification of an XML Schema which is used to represent Solution XML documents.

The final ingredient of course is content. The developers of VisualFSM have provided some content in the form of Case Studies with fully worked solutions, initially to assist in the use of the tool. This resource will grow.

However, to meet the objective of the Farm being a shared resource, as trial, anyone seriously interested in participating can do so by requesting an account.

If approved, participants will be allocated a unique code which will be used when Vfsm-CE produces the CODIF-CE© file for upload to the site and will receive details about the process.


The Solution Farm is intended to be a shared resource to help in a very practical sense for those who are intending to adopt any of the Methods as a means of exchanging ideas and solutions within the Software Measurement Community.

The Solution comprises 3 parts:

1.The description of the Solution including the aims and objectives

2.The requirement: this part describes the system to be used to demonstrate the solution to the problem. This includes information about the system,software domain, the architecture and the Functional User Requirements.



3.The Solution: this is a fully worked answer, including where applicable, the Vfsm Context Model, Functional Breakdown Model, Measurement Model, Data Movement Sequence Diagrams for all Functional Process and the measurement of functional size