Software Model



Functional User Requirements

VisualFSM is a Model driven Functional Size Analysis and Measurement Tool. The Software Model describes the software to be analysed and measured. It comprises:
A description of the services provided to its users, the domain to which it belongs and the sub domains.
A viewpoint of the Software which represent the functions interest of the stakeholders and their concerns in the context of measuring the functional size.



The actual View described by its Architecture which exposes those component and serves to address the concerns of interest to the Stakeholder and the relationship between them.The Architecture description uses the terminology of ISO/IEC 14143-1.

For each software component in the architecture the Functional User Requirements FUR are the subject of the measurement.

The Functional Breakdown is a formal model of the FURs which extract the functions the Software performs for its users.

It takes the form of a hierarchical breakdown of the categories. The lowest level of the hierarchy are the actual functions to be measured