SiFPA Overview Video

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SiFPA The Method

The SiFPA Method

The SiFPA method was developed by DPO in 2010, used since the late part of that year and presented at SMEF2011.

SiFPA is not an estimation method (like Early & Quick FP) but a real FSMM compliant with ISO 14143 principles. It is totally compliant with the IFPUG method at the results level: if applied to the same software application portfolio they both give the same numbers.

VisualFSM - SiFPA

VisualFSM implements SiFPA in 2 simple models

  • The Transaction Function Model which comprises the set of Universal Generic Elementary Process (UGEP)
  • The Data Function Model which comprises the set of Universal Generic Data Groups (UGDG)

VisualFSM constructs the models automatically from the common Function and Data Models.

The only activity required of the user is to assign the UGDGs referenced or maintained by each of the UGEPs that are in the scope of the measurement. VisualFSM calculates the size of both models that are in the scope of measurement. A report can be printed or exported to Excel..

Main advantages claimed by SiFPA

    • ISBSG productivity data immediately available
    • 2 to 5 times faster in measurement
    • Easy to learn
    • Lowers Customer-Supplier disputes
    • Available for non-specialists in measurement
    • Same unitary costs as the IFPUG FPs may be used in contracts
    • Immediate conversion of assets already measured using IFPUG