Community Edition





The primary purpose of the Community Edition is to promote awareness of a selection of the available Functional Size Measurement Methods and to be able to evaluate each to determine their suitability for a particular purpose.

VDIF is used simply to download examples from the VisualFSM Solution Farm which can be used to gain experience in using the methods using what are intended to be “functionally perfect” requirements; the aim being to remove any ambiguities and omissions that exist in real world requirements that might detract from the primary purpose of gaining skills in, and evaluating the methods.

Release Date:  21 January 2019

Personal Edition





The Personal Edition has additional features which permit collaboration with other Personal Edition (and above) users. VDIF provides the internet-friendly means of exporting, sending, receiving and importing solutions primarily to promote the exchange of ideas and experience.

The VisualFSM support team may be included in the collaboration group at any time, and with the permission of the submitter, worthy examples can be made available to others via the VisualFSM Solution Farm. Such examples are attributed to the submitter.

This edition is for education and the exchange of ideas. The licence does not allow for any commercial use where the user might gain financial benefit through its use


Release Date:  21 January 2019

Professional Edition






Whereas the previous versions deal with individual examples of requirements, this edition introduces the concept of the Project and the place functional size has in the control of the development and enhancement process.

There are two roles, Project Manager and Team Member The Project Manager defines projects and jobs which are allocated to Team Members can download the jobs assigned to them, perform the necessary tasks to complete the Job, upload the result together with the Job metrics concerned with performance in relation to time and budget.

The Jobs and Metrics information are stored in the Project Farm create by the Project Manager and VDIF is the mechanism for the exchange of information between VisualFSM-Pro and the farm