COSMIC In a Nutshell

COSMIC in a Nutshell (CIAN) is a distance learning resource for those who wish to learn about the COSMIC functional size measurement method.

The resources are being developed and updated all the time so please return from time to time.

In this set set of 6 modules the principles, definitions and rules of the method and the measurement process as defined in the COSMIC Measurement Manual.

It contains both informative material, and some basic practical exercises to test understanding.

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Identifying the audience, a brief explanation of what Functional Size is and what COSMIC is
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Defining the Strategy is the first of the 3 phases in the COSMIC measurement process.
In this module we talk about the Purpose, the Architecture to satisfy the Purpose and the Scope of the measurement
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Phase 2 of the measurement process is called mapping and refers to the need to map the information in the FUR to the COSMIC model
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COSMIC Generic Software Module
Phase 3 is the final phase of the COSMIC measurement process and it is here we construct a model of the software that is understandable to COSMIC.
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Measuring the Size
Have done all the preparation we are ready to perform the actual measurement.
In this module you will learn how to analyse the FUR, extract the Functional processes, identify the Data Movements and then measure the size
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