VisualFSM Models

VisualFSM is a Model driven Functional Size Analysis and Measurement Tool. This approach means that although much work is done in the initial stages, the final process of measurement is largely automated. The accuracy of the measure is primarily dependent on the accuracy of the models from which it is derived.

There are five main models: the Software Model, the FUR Model, the Function Model, the Analysis Model, and the Measurement Model


Software Model

The Software Model describes the software to be analysed and measured It comprises:

  • A description of the software application, the domain to which it belongs and the sub domain.
  • A viewpoint of the Software which represent the view of the software that is of interest to the Stakeholders and their Concerns.
  • The Layers which contain software components serving the same as of functionality
  • The Software Components which are described by a set of functional User Requirements and the Functions to deliver them

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FUR Model

 The FUR model contains the Functional User Requirements and Addenda for each Software Component.

Function Model

The Function Model describes the functions the Software provides to it users.

It is in the form of a Hierarchical Tree structure where Functions can be grouped together so forming the Function Breakdown

The Function Model is the primary input to the Measurement Model.

Logical Data Model

The Logical Data Model comprises the Data Files and Fields that are maintained and referenced by the application

User Model

The User Model comprises the set of Users that interact with the software, categorized by user type

The Type of user determine whatever the user is provided or consumer of information, or both.



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