VisualFsm - The Multi-Method Software Functional Size Measurement Tool

Current Version implements the IFPUG, NESMA, SiFPA, FPA- Mk2 and COSMIC methods

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VisualFSM is a software tool which provides a complete Analysis and Measurement environment for the major Functional Size Measurements Methods currently in use: COSMIC, Mk2 FPA, IFPUG (+NESMA variant) and SiFPA. A demo of each Measurement Method can be viewed in the Measurement Methods page.

  • The tool covers the whole measurement cycle from:
  • Defining the software/system of interest
  • The view of the software to be measured and its architecture
  • Management of the Functional User Requirements Extraction of the software model required by the chosen method
  • Defining the stakeholders, purpose and scope of an analysis exercise and measurement of its functional size using any of the supported methods.

The process adopted by VisualFSM produces a set of Generic models what are compatible with all methods. The user is therefore able to use the same requirement analysis techniques regardless of the target method.
The Generic Models are then used as the basis for the generation of method-specific measurement models.

Pre-requisites - Important

Some reports are produced as an Excel spreadsheet, therefore Microsoft Excel must be installed to see these

Some reports are exported as PDF files so Acrobat Reader must be installed to see these

Community Edition

The Community Edition is provided free of charge in order to promote the use of Functional Size Measurement in the development and procurement of software.

Users should note that the Community Edition is designed to be used in a training and research environment and to promote the use of VisualFSM and the exchange of data to share experience therefore it does have some lmitation. The Number of functions is limited to 24, and some of the functionalty available in the Persnal Edition is locked out. However there is no advertising there are no pop-up nag screens.

If you use it for any commercial purpose  you should upgrade to the Personal Edition.

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Personal Edition

The Personal Edition is an upgrade to the Community Edition which removes the limitations on the nunber of functions and unlocks several new functions.

  • Architecture Modeler
    • access to the VisualFSM Architecture Pattern library
  • fsmPattern Designer
    • access to the VisualFSM fsmPattern Library
  • Export and Import measurement analysis

Release Date:  TBN


Professional Edition

The Community and Personal Editions are designed for personal use and for training and familiarization with the functional size measurement process. They rigorously enforce the rules of the methods, and require each element used in the models identified for measurement to be traceable to the requirement.

Nothing can be added unless it is in the Functional User Requirement. This is achieved using Addenda to the FUR, and adding Notes and Assumptions to the Function. Thus a complete Audit Trail is maintained.

The Professional Edition (in development) adds real-time team working, both local and remote, and also relaxes some of the rigor present in the Community and Personal Editions.

Release Date:  TBN

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