VisualFSM - Clone Manager

Cloning is the process of replicating the software analysis and measurement.

The clone contains exactly the same information but, unlike copying, all the elements have been given different identities. This is useful for saving temporary work or creating different versions without losing the original.

The software can be cloned either in the same workspace or to another.

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VisualFSM - Export VDIF

VisualFSM Data Interchage Format (VDIF) is a JSON structured document containing information about the sofware, the analysis and the measurement.

As it is a text document it provides an internet-friendly means of exporting, sending, receiving and importing solutions. Its primary purpose is to enable free interchange of data and promote the exchange of ideas and experience.

It is also the means by which solutions and examples are downloaded from the the VisualFSM Solution Farm.

The Export Controller allows the user to select all or part of the model to be exported.

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VisualFSM - Import VDIF

The Import VDIF allows previously exported VDIF files to be imported. Again all or part of the model can be imported.

Watch the Import VDIF Video

About Pentad-SE

The Business of Pentad-SE is to provide the support, training and appropriate tools needed to implement software measurement strategies.

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Free Community Edition

The Community Edition
is designed to help prospective analysts and measurers to acquire software measurement skills and perform the task quickly in order to produce an accurate result.

The Personal Edition
will give you access to the more complicated Case Studies some of which are free, others may be subject to a small download fee, as well as the Solution Farm.


The Solution Farm

As a service to the Measurement Community Pentad-SE has established the Vfsm Solution Farm. There you will find solutions to Case Studies from all four methods.

If you are connected to the Internet the Download Manager will retrieve the current catalogue of solutions and you will be able to download them directly into Vfsm. You may have to pay a small fee for some of the more complicated solutions..


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