VisualFsm The Software Model


VisualFSM is a Model driven Functional Size Analysis and Measurement Tool.

The Software Model describes the software to be analysed and measured.It comprises:

A description of the services provided to its users, the domain to which it belongs and the sub domains.

A viewpoint of the Software which represent the functions interest of the stakeholders and their concerns in the context of measuring the functional size.




The actual View described by its Architecture which exposes those component and serves to address the concerns of interest to the Stakeholder and the relationship between them.The Architecture description uses the terminology of ISO ......

For each software component in the architecture the Functional User Requirements FUR are the subject of the measurement.


Functional User Requirements

The Functional Breakdown is a formal model of the FURs which extract the functions the Software performs for its users. It takes the form of a hierarchical breakdown of the categories. The lowest level of the hierarchy are the actual functions to be measured

About Pentad-SE

The Business of Pentad-SE is to provide the support, training and appropriate tools needed to implement software measurement strategies.

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Pentad-Se will use any information you give us only in connection with the VisualFSM product line. We will not share or distribute any information you give us with any other third party.

Free Community Edition

The Community Edition
is designed to help prospective analysts and measurers to acquire Functional Size Measurement skills and share experiences with other users.It is not intended for commercial use.

The Personal Edition
Is for personal and commercial use and additional features are unlocked .

The Professional Edition
For handling multi projects and estimating.

The Solution Farm

As a service to the Measurement Community Pentad-SE has established the Vfsm Solution Farm. There you will find solutions to Case Studies from all four methods.

If you are connected to the Internet Vfsm can retrieve the current catalogue of solutions and you will be able to download them directly. You may have to pay a small fee for some of the more complicated solutions..


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