VisualFSM-CE - The Community Edition


The primary purpose of the Community Edition is to promote awareness of a selection of the available Functional Size Measurement Methods and to be able to evaluate each to determine their suitability for a particular purpose.

VDIF is used simply to download examples from the VisualFSM Solution Farm which can be used to gain experience in using the methods using what are intended to be “functionally perfect” requirements; the aim being to remove any ambiguities and omissions that exist in real world requirements that might detract from the primary purpose of gaining skills in, and evaluating the methods.





VisualFSM-PE - The Personal Edition


The Personal Edition has additional features which permit collaboration with other Personal Edition (and above) users. VDIF provides the internet-friendly means of exporting, sending, receiving and importing solutions primarily to promote the exchange of ideas and experience.

The VisualFSM support team may be included in the collaboration group at any time, and with the permission of the submitter, worthy examples can be made available to others via the VisualFSM Solution Farm. Such examples are attributed to the submitter.

This edition is for education and the exchange of ideas. The licence does not allow for any commercial use where the user might gain financial benefit through its use




VisualFSM-PRO - The Professional Edition

The Professional Edition, as its name suggests, is for those who promote and gain financial benefit from providing their expertise in the use and application of Functional size for any purpose. The reader is directed to the Method developer’s literature to understand the benefits and advantages of using Functional Size and a tool in controlling the development and procurement of software.

Whereas the previous versions deal with individual examples of requirements, this edition introduces the concept of the Project and the place functional size has in the control of the development and enhancement process.

It can be used stand alone but it primary purpose is to be used in conjunction with the Team Edition. The Team Edition defines projects and jobs which are allocated to team members, Team member can download the jobs assigned to them, perform the necessary tasks to complete the Job, upload the result together with the Job metrics concerned with performance in relation to time and budget.

The Jobs and Metrics information are stored in the Project Farm create by the Team Edition and VDIF is the mechanism for the exchange of information between VisualFSM-Pro and the farm



VisualFSM-Team - The Team Edition


The Team Edition is used in conjunction with one or more Professional Edition to control the project tasked with delivering or enhancing a software product.

Given the Functional Breakdown of the product the user of the team edition is ably to evaluate the  required functionality against cost and time constraints the given the available resources, partition the functionality, create the delivery plan , assign Jobs to team members, receive the results from team members, re-factor and re-plan as necessary.

The Jobs are stored in the Project Farm and VDIF is the mechanism to transferring information between VisualFSM-Team and the farm



VisualFSM-ENT - The Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition introduces the concept of the Portfolio, which is the set of software products under management. 
It provides oversight of the activities of the enterprise to ensure that the functionality of the portfolio continues to meet the requirements of the customer.

It also collects stores and analyzes project and job level metrics for use in the prediction of time and cost of delivering a product or changes and so provide information to Programme and Project Managers with the information required to allocate and track and resources. This information is stored in the Company Farm.

Note this is not a Program or Project management tool, it simply provides the users of such a tool to with the information required to plan and manage Programmes and Projects

For Educators, Academic users and Researchers, Visual-FSM is also connected to the Solution Farm (which can be separately hosted) to upload Solutions for download by users of the Personal edition and above.
VDIF is used to facilitate the exchange of solutions

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The Business of Pentad-SE is to provide the support, training and appropriate tools needed to implement software measurement strategies.

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Free Community Edition

The Community Edition
is designed to help prospective analysts and measurers to acquire software measurement skills and perform the task quickly in order to produce an accurate result.

The Personal Edition
will give you access to the more complicated Case Studies some of which are free, others may be subject to a small download fee, as well as the Solution Farm.


The Solution Farm

As a service to the Measurement Community Pentad-SE has established the Vfsm Solution Farm. There you will find solutions to Case Studies from all four methods.

If you are connected to the Internet the Download Manager will retrieve the current catalogue of solutions and you will be able to download them directly into Vfsm. You may have to pay a small fee for some of the more complicated solutions..


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