VisualFSM-AutosizeWB for COSMIC


Cosmic Autosize is a software tool that takes Controlled Natural Language requirements, automatically measures the functional size and documents in the form of a set of Data Movement Sequence diagrams. Please check our demo video below.

A CNL is simply a language where the structure is defined by a formal syntax and is restricted to a vocabulary comprising defined words with specific meanings.These constraints are designed to improve clarity and to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

These same constraints make a CNL an ideal candidate for automation. There are several candidates; currently VisualFSM is targeting 3 of them:

    • EARS (Easy Approach to Requirements Specification) Ears was devised by Marvin et all when working at Rolls Royce as a solution to the problem of poor requirements leading to misinterpration and misunderstanding.
    • CUSS (Cosmic User Story Standard). The Cosmic User Story Standard was proposed in a paper by ... as an improvement to the standard user story. The COSMIC organization has not yet issued a specifocation for CUSS,
    • 29148 (ISO/IEC 29148).SO/IEC 29148 is an international Standard for use by Requirements writers as a guide and reference for writing clear and unambigous requirements. It provides a template describing the syntax to be used.


    A presentation explaining CNL and Automation was given to the 8th UK Cosmic SIG on 7 Jun 2018. A copy of the powerpoint slides can be downloaded here,

    Automatic measurement of COSMIC size by syntactical/semantic analysis of text requirements

VisualFSM-AutosizeWB Architecture

VisualFSM-Agile Workbench-DEMO

Functional size is an implortant driver for estimating cost and duration of development. Manually measuring functional size results in an accurate measure but consumes time and reource and sometimes that level of accuracy is not required.

In an Agile environment estimates are derived by subjective means which by their nature results in a measure that is not repeatable nor transportable.

Automating measurement results in an immediate and repeatable result. To illustrate the value of functional size in an Agile environment, VisualFSM Autosize is in development, however VisualFSM-Community Edition is delivered with a demonstration version of VisualFSM-Agile Workbench as an indication of the planned function be worked on.and to demonstrate the value of using a CNL to specify requirements.

The production version of Visual-FSM-Autosize is targeted for 4th quarter 2018. Please send an e-Mail to to be kept informed of progress.


AutosizeWB Analysis Process

    1. Input the set of requirements conforming to the required Syntax.
    2. Perform Syntactical Analysis to extract the keywords and Vocabulary
    3. Perform Semantic Analysis to interpret the keywords and Vocabulary to build the Measurements Model
    4. Calculate the Functional Size
    5. Document using Data Movement Sequence Diagrams

Agile Workbench Process

As soon as a functional size has been measured it triggers the Agile Workbench to generate the Iteration Plan by allocating each function to an iteration

The generation is instantaneous after which the total cost and duration is automatically calculated

The user is then able to adjust the values for the drivers:

    • Resources
    • Resource Cost
    • Working days per Iteration
    • Calendar Days per Iteration
    • Delivery Rate (Hrs per CFP)

Adjustment results in the immediate regeneration of the iteration plan, cost and duration.


The Agile Workbench takes the Autosize measured size and immediately combines it with other metric to produce:

  • Project Burndown Chart
  • Iteration Plan
  • Iteration Burndown Chart
  • Projectect Duration and End Date
  • Projected Cost

VisualFSM-AutosizeWB Quickstart Video

Click on picture to watch the video

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