VisualFsm The Software Measurement Tool

Current Version implements the IFPUG, MKII, COSMIC and SiFPA methods

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VisualFSM is a software tool which provides a complete Analysis and Measurement environment for the major Functional Size Measurements Methods currently in use: MkII FPA, IFPUG (+NESMA variant) and COSMIC. A demo of each Measurement Method can be viewed in the Measurement Methods page. As an addition, VisualFsm Autosize WB introduces users to the topic of automatically measuring the size of Functional Size of Requirements using COSMIC.

The tool covers the whole measurement cycle from:
Defining the software/system of interest
The view of the software to be measured and its architecture
Management of the Functional User Requirements Extraction of the software model required by the chosen method
Defining the stakeholders, purpose and scope of an analysis exercise and measurement of its functional size using any of the supported methods.

The process adopted by VisualFSM is a generic one and compatible with all methods. The user is therefore able to use the same requirement analysis techniques regardless of the target method.

Model Driven

The VisualFSM Measurement process comprises 4 major steps, each resulting in a rigorously contructed model:

Software description, View and Architecture,

Functional Requirement,

Analysis, Stakeholders Concerns, Purpose and Scope.

Measurement and Reporting.

A fully audit trail is maintained allowing a reviewer to see instantly where the user located the information in the FUR.

Simply clicking on any element of the model instantly locates the source of the information in the FUR and highlights it

Data Exchange

VisualFSM utilizes VDIF (VisualFSM Data Interchange Format) to export and import data.

The format is a JSON structure which can be used as a means of exchanging data between users and for downloading data from the website.

VDIF is  copyrighted by Pentad-SE Ltd however it has been released to the public domain.


Conversion ...

The methods supported by VisualFSM all claim conformance to ISO/IEC 14143-1. each with its own unit of Functional Size.

VisualFSM measures the same software, under the same conditions using a single unified tool.

Therefore VisualFSM allows researchers to establish objectively the conversion factor between methods. It may be used to convert the size of one method to any of the others.





As an aid to productivity VisualFSM can assign Pre- designed Patterns of functionality to each of the Functions.

The tool allows you to estimate the size using pre-defined patterns which speeds up and simplify the Measurement Process where the requirements do not justify a full measurement exercise.

This result in an immediate measurement of functional size.


Common User Interaction

VisualFSM uses a Highlight and Click approach in analyzing FUR.

Highlighting and clcking displays a context sensitive menu offering appropriate actions that can be performed.

The same technique is used throughout in the construction of all model.


Community Edition

There are several editions of VisualFSM which are described in the link above.
The Community Edition is provided free of charge
in order to promote the use of Functional Size Measurement in the development and procurement of software.

VisualFSM CE is designed  to help prospective analysts and measurers to acquire those skills and perform their task quickly and produce an accurate result. .

Users should note that the Community Editions are designed to be used in a training and research environment and to promote the use of VisualFSM and the exchange of data to share experience..

It is fully functional; there is no advertising nor pop-up nag screens, but there are some limitations. These are removed in the paid versions.

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About Pentad-SE

The Business of Pentad-SE is to provide the support, training and appropriate tools needed to implement software measurement strategies.

Privacy Policy

Pentad-Se will use any information you give us only in connection with the VisualFSM product line. We will not share or distribute any information you give us with any other third party.

Free Community Edition

The Community Edition
is designed to help prospective analysts and measurers to acquire Functional Size Measurement skills and share experiences with other users.It is not intended for commercial use.

The Personal Edition
Is for personal and commercial use and additional features are unlocked .

The Professional Edition
For handling multi projects and estimating.

The Solution Farm

As a service to the Measurement Community Pentad-SE has established the VisualFSM Solution Farm. There you will find solutions to Case Studies from all four methods.

If you are connected to the Internet VisualFSM can retrieve the current catalogue of solutions and you will be able to download them directly. You may have to pay a small fee for some of the more complicated solutions..


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